Effective Slate Mail

ELECTION DIGEST is California’s biggest and most powerful slate mail program for Democrat and Independent voters.

ELECTION DIGEST is the biggest slate mail program serving Democratic and Independent voters in California.

81% of the candidates and ballot propositions that have participated in the ELECTION DIGEST slate mail program have won their elections.


  • Runs from the top of the ballot to the non-partisan offices and ballot propositions further down the ballot so voters truly can “use this guide when you mark your ballot”.
  • Offers advertising to candidates and issues unique to each voter’s district and community. We never run multiple cities, counties or legislative districts on the same card. Others do.
  • Mails to absentee voters early and polling place voters closer to Election Day.
  • Offers participants the ability to target virtually unlimited messages to voters based on demographic and geo-political factors.
  • Uses the same graphic design for each of the two slate pieces – Democrat and Independent voters – year in and year out to maintain voter familiarity.

ELECTION DIGEST is published for Coalition for Literacy by Larry Levine & Associates, whose owner, Larry Levine, has been producing slate mail in California since 1971

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