Client List

Larry Levine, owner of Larry Levine & Associates, has won some 88% of the more than 200 campaigns for federal, state and local offices and ballot measures in a political career that began in 1970. Here are highlights of some of the campaigns in which he played a role as either lead consultant, advisor, or director of an independent expenditure.


  • Elected Diane Watson, the first African-American women member of the California State Senate
  • Elected Sally Tanner, the first women to represent the San Gabriel Valley in the state legislature.
  • Elected Flo Bernstein, the first women to defeat an incumbent judge in Los Angeles County
  • Co-managed the California Nuclear Safeguards Initiative, a state ballot proposition that lost but led to adoption of four nuclear power plant safety bills and ended nuclear power plant development in California
  • Managed the first successful campaign against construction of a nuclear power plant in history – Kern County CA 1978.
  • Co-managed the California Separate Smoking Sections Initiative, a state ballot proposition that lost but led to enactment of the nation’s first and most thorough anti-smoking legislation.

CANDIDATES (partial list)

  • Maxine Waters – Member of Congress, CA
  • Bob Blumenfield – L.A. City Council and CA State Assembly campaigns
  • Andra Hoffman – Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees
  • Mike Feuer – California State Assembly & L.A. City Council Campaigns
  • Jacqui Irwin – CA State Assembly & Thousand Oaks City Council campaigns
  • John Longville – CA State Assembly, Rialto Mayor & College Trustee campaigns
  • Jeff Prang – L.A. County Assessor
  • Nury Martinez – L.A. City Councilmember – Independent expenditure
  • Andy Fox – Thousand Oaks City Councilmember
  • Joel Price – Thousand Oaks City Councilmember
  • George E. Brown, Jr. – U.S. Senate & Congressional campaigns
  • Allard Lowenstein – former Member of Congress, New York
  • Kevin Murray – CA State Senator & Assembly campaigns
  • Diane Watson – L.A. Board of Education & CA State Senate campaigns
  • Rod Wright -- CA State Senate and Assembly campaigns
  • Ed Chavez –CA Assembly & La Puente Mayoral campaigns
  • Jerry Eaves – CA State Assembly & San Bernardino County Supervisor campaigns
  • Wally Knox – CA State Assembly & L.A. College Trustee Campaigns
  • Sally Tanner – former CA State Assemblymember
  • Rod Wright – CA State Senate & Assembly Campaigns
  • Florence Bernstein – former L.A. Municipal Court Judge
  • Maurice Jordane – former Monterey County Judge
  • Barry Pulliam – former San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
  • Wallace Albertson – former L.A. Community College Trustee
  • Althea Baker – former L.A. Community College Trustee
  • Elizabeth Garfield – former L.A. Community College Trustee
  • Georgia Mercer – former L.A. Community College Trustee
  • John Greenwood – former L.A. School Boardmember
  • Georgianna Hardy – former L.A School Boardmember
  • Howard Miller – former L.A. School Boardmember
  • Susan Lacey – former Ventura County Supervisor
  • Barbara Patrick – former Kern County Supervisor
  • Barbara Riordan – former San Bernardino County Supervisor
  • Peggy Stevenson – former L.A. City Councilmember
  • Jack Weiss – former L.A. City Councilmember
  • Midge Zupanic-Skaggs – former Rialto City Councilmember

In addition, as political consultant to American Federation of Teachers Local 1521. Levine was successful in 55 of the 56 campaigns he directed over a 17-year period.
(partial list)


Californians for Nuclear Safeguards – co-managed the Nuclear Safeguards Initiative campaign that produced California’s nuclear power plant safety laws and stopped nuclear power development in the United States for more than 40 years

Coastal Conservation Initiative – consulted in the successful campaign to control development on the coast of California

Californians for Non-smokers' Rights – co-managed the campaign that launched the successful non-smokers’ rights movement throughout the nation and around the world

Nuclear Power Plant Safety – consulted on initiative petition campaigns in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, Missouri and Colorado

Proposition 42 – coordinated slate mail participation for the successful campaign to pass a statewide transportation tax

Proposition 47 – coordinated slate mail participation for the successful campaign to pass a statewide education bond measure

One Los Angeles – coordinated the San Fernando Valley portion of the successful campaign against Valley secession from the City of Los Angeles

San Joaquin Agricultural Protection Council – directed the campaign against construction of a nuclear power plant in Wasco, California - the first time a nuclear power project ever was defeated on the ballot any place in the world

Citizens for Clean Government – directed the successful campaign by the L.A Police Protective League and United Firefighters of Los Angeles against three city ballot measures dealing with civil service and management services

Los Angeles Community College District – directed successful campaigns for a bond measure and a parcel tax

Citizens for School Earthquake Bonds – directed the successful campaign for a Los Angeles Unified School District bond measure

Citizens for Responsible Los Angeles City Marijuana Laws – Obtained 80% approval for a measure to create a system for licensing and taxation of the sale of recreational marijuana in the City of Los Angeles after a statewide vote for legalization.

(partial list)