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Larry Levine is one of California’s premier political consultants. He has been guiding successful campaigns for federal, state, local and judicial offices and ballot propositions since 1970..

  • Larry Levine has directed some 200 campaigns, with a winning record of nearly 90%;
  • Larry Levine has been a consultant for 19 state and local ballot proposition campaigns in California, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, Arizona, and Missouri.

Some of Larry Levine’s notable campaign achievements include:

  • Election of Diane Watson as the first African-American woman to the California State Senate;
  • Election of Sally Tanner as the first woman to represent the San Gabriel Valley in the state;
  • Co-managed the Separate Smoke Sections campaign that led to the current statewide protections against second-hand smoke;
  • Co-managed California’s Nuclear Power Plant Safeguards Initiative campaign;
  • He publishes the largest voting guide slate mailer for Democratic and Independent voters in California.
  • See Client List for a more comprehensive list of campaign activities.

WINNER: Poli Award for political mail from the American Association of Political Consultants

MEMBER: American Association of Political Consultants

MEMBER & CONTRIBUTOR: Election Law List, a nationwide network of election law and constitutional law professors and attorneys, campaign professionals and elected officials


  • Sports editor, Burbank Daily Review at the age of 20;
  • City editor, Burbank Daily Review at the age of 21;
  • Police and courts reporter, Glendale News Press;
  • Special assignment/investigative reporter, Glendale News Press;
  • Government and politics reporter, Copley News Service, Los Angeles Bureau;
  • Acting Bureau Chief, Copley News Service Sacramento Bureau;
  • Editor, Beverly Hills edition, Hollywood Citizen News.

In addition to his work as a reporter and editor, Levine has written for:

  • Election Law Journal, University of Virginia
  • Columbia Journalism Review
  • Los Angeles Times Opinion Section
  • Los Angeles Daily News Opinion Section
  • Sacramento Bee Opinion Section

Levine also

  • Is the author of the food memoir Cooking for a Beautiful Woman / the Tastes and Tales of a Wonderful Life (www.larrylevineauthor.com)
  • Wrote “Love Whispers” – a short story in poetic form, published June 2015 in The Scribe, publication of the California Writers’ Club, San Fernando Valley Chapter
  • Wrote story treatments for Warner Bros. TV dramatic series
  • Wrote lyrics for four published songs
    “Lady, Lady”
    “Peppermint World”
    “Our Time”
    “I Don’t Think of You”

Larry Levine is married to Jennifer Golder Levine. They live in Van Nuys, CA. They have two sons – Lloyd and John – and four grandchildren – Ella, Miles, Alise and Carlie.

Levine is founder, editor and publisher of the online food magazine, Table Talk atLarrys.com - www.tabletalkatlarrys.com – and the restaurant web site www.atlarrys.com.

Levine is founder and editor of the political blog www.thepoliticaldish.com

He is an avid golfer, a game he says should be played only by optimists.

Levine was born in Brooklyn, NY. He has been a baseball fan since he saw his first game – a Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Cincinnati Reds double header – in 1944. His father, Peter Levine, was a plumber and a member of the Southern California Building Trades Council. His mother, Norma Levine, was a big band singer at Manhattan night clubs before getting married.

Larry Levine